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Lavandula angustifolia is native to the mountains surrounding the Mediterranean. The bushy subshrub has been well-known since the Middle Ages and was often planted, especially in monasteries, due to its valued scented oil and its distinguished properties. Today it’s a popular ornamental for the garden and is becoming even more popular as a potted plant for terraces and balconies due to its unmistakable scent.

Easter decoration
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Easter marks the beginning of a feast and allows us to take a break from the everyday life. It gives families the opportunity to focus on cosiness and the decoration of their homes.

The season offers a bucket full of potted plants that easily combines with the personal interior decoration made by you.

Downderry Lavendula
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Everyone knows the pictures of the blue fields of lavender from the bucolic French Provence. But lavender doesn’t only blossom in blue; it can also be violet, light pink, light blue, and bright white. Flower shape and plant form vary as well. Besides that, lavender doesn’t just grow in the Mediterranean region; it can also be successfully grown in northern regions. So that their kings and queens could drink lavender tea and enjoy the scented soaps and oils they produced, official court gardeners introduced lavender to English castle gardens centuries ago.

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Marguerites tells us that summer is coming. They are blooming standouts in pots, containers and baskets of every kind and also in flowerbeds.

An exciting novelty for the spring pots is "Giga White" with dark green foliage and very big and beautiful white flowers. It is a very healthy and strong plant. The durability has been strongly improved in relation to previous well-known sorts. With this new plant you will get a far better experience - especially if you remove the withered flowers during the growing period.

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For customers in the trade, an important question is, “How long will the flowers stay in excellent form after delivery to the Point of Sale, and without a lot of care?” Products that are very robust have a large advantage at the POS. This is a strong sales argument to use in sales. Fides tested four Angelart Nemesias under simulated “at retail” conditions.

Ton on Ton
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White allows your garden to shine and doesn't have to be monotonous. A white garden is an especially alluring concept that an ever increasing number of gardening enthusiasts are enjoying. One thing that many underestimate is the power and necessity of a good plan before the construction of such a garden. When the wrong plants are combined or placed incorrectly, it creates a monotonous and boring plot.
An important prerequisite is to begin by creating a tranquil, dark background in front of which light colors will be able to display their effects.

Keukenhof 2014
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The tulip is the distinctive icon of the Netherlands throughout the world. And as the Keukenhof’s theme this year is Holland, it can do no other than give the tulip centre stage. With millions of tulips blooming in the park and more than a hundred thousand tulips in the Willem-Alexander pavilion, Keukenhof is the place to see tulips. Other reasons that make Keukenhof the place to learn everything about the tulip include the renewed historic tulip garden as well as exhibitions about the history of the tulip, 17th Century tulip mania, tulip myths and modern tulip cultivation.