Alstroemeria - Colourful Latina


The Alstroemeria stands out because of its twisted leaves and beautiful, brightly coloured flowers. It symbolises friendship and is therefore the perfect gift to give to your best friends. Especially when you know how long the flowers are lasting.

Colours and shapes

In the flower shop the Alstroemeria hides away in its flower bud. But oh la la, the surprise when the flower opens its buds at home! Then you can see six to eight flowers on a stem with a flaming pattern on the inside in the colours white, yellow, red, orange, purple and pink.


The six flower petals of the Alstroemeria symbolise understanding, humor, patience, sympathy, vigour and respect. Important ingredients for a longlasting friendship. It is not so surprising that the Alstroemeria symbolises this. This makes the flower a perfect gift to renew a lovely friendship.


The exotic Alstroemeria is also known as Inca Lily. It refers to its natural habitat: the cool mountains of Chilli, Brazil and Peru. In the eighteenth century the flower was discovered by the Swedish researcher Clas Alstroemer. It was him who gave the flower its current name.

Caring for the Alstroemeria 

  • Place the flowers including the packaging in the water so they can absorb the water,
  • Cut the stems off diagonally and remove the lower leaves to avoid them hanging in the water,
  • Arrange the Alstroemerias in an clean vase with clean water and some cut flower food,
  • Don’t place the vase in full sun or near a radiator,
  • Remove dead flowers and refresh the water now and then; you can enjoy your Alstroemerias for up to two weeks.