Fall advantage!

Testplanting in the fall
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The best time to plant trees and shrubs is immediately after the plants were planted in the nursery in the fall. The shorter they are stored between digging out and planting, the better. Depending on the weather and region the planting season for deciduous trees and shrubs starts approximately from October – a little earlier for conifers. Even if you who would like to plant fruit trees or roses in your own garden you should get started in the fall.

Plants develop their roots very easily if the planting period is tuned to the natural rhythm of the trees. Indeed, contrary to the above-ground shoot growth, root growth takes no fall and winter break. Trees and shrubs that are planted from September to December still will start swiftly to develop important new fine roots and only stop when the soil temperature drops below 39F (4C). The relatively high soil temperatures in late fall, the high humidity and frequent rainfall provide ideal conditions for root formation and thus the best conditions for good water and nutrient supply in the spring.

Trees and shrubs that have been planted before winter therefore have a developmental advantage over plants that will be put in the earth next spring. They start growing roots quicker and sprout stronger!
And another advantage: you have the best selection in the fall.