Floral idea of the week (45)

Wreath for Advent
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Chalky rod wreath

A regal, extravagant decoration for the Advent and Christmas time

This ring has a close symbolic affinity to an advent wreath. It is made from the wood of palm inflores-cence, with a contemporary interpretation. The traditional strong green is missing; it would be out of place in this atmosphere. The delicate orchids and the wax stars reflect the white of the surroundings. Even the candles placed next to the wreath insist on a different look. Cool, powdery, chalky and asymmetrical: this is a decidedly minimalist arrangement.

Important design feature:
Within the contrast of the waxy, silky and shiny ornamental elements to the rough wood, the airy woolly lichen fibres set a tiny but unmissable and not to be underestimated accent.

Floral materials:
Vanda. Araujia sericifera. Ceropegia tendril. Kalanchoe cinerea. Wood of palm panicles (Chamaedorea). Lichen fibres.

Other materials:
Hard foam ring. Wax stars. Little white glass stars. Little pieces of broken glass. Lace of glass beads. Hot-melt adhesive. Little plastic pipes. 18 gauge wire. Angel hair. Glass plate. White candles. Wax stars.

Densely stick short little banana sticks that have been well covered in glue, into the foam ring. Cover the sides with parallel little longer wooden sticks. Press little pipes in the two hollows left especially for the purpose, and insert fresh floral materials. Attach wires to the other decorative materials and stick into position. Bent and stick wire rods which are covered with angel hair to organic forms.