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Wintry Amaryllis
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Wintry Amaryllis in a bowl

Long-living decoration for a round table.

The shining red Amaryllis burgeon out of the brown-red base and give winter some colour, spreading their soothing warmth. The contrasting green of the stems re-inforce their radiance and dynamic.

“Palm male” are the male parts of what are dioecious palms. Around 
seventy are dried and tightly wired together to form a flat bowl. It is important that the wires are tightened properly with pliers so that the piece is sturdy and strong enough to hold even these relatively heavy materials.

Amaryllis are available commercially as cut flowers, potted plants or bulbs with shoots. The latter should be placed in water for a short time once a week. This is enough to make them flower even without soil. They are arranged in the bowl together with the rest of the wintry materials. Whilst long lasting materials remain in the bowl, wilted elements can be replaced quickly and easily.

Season: Advent. Christmas. Winter.

Impression: Opulent. Extravagant. Magnificent. Fruity. Vibrant. Exciting.

Design elements:
Form: Filled plain bowl.
Colours: Tints, tones and shades of red. Brown. Green.   
Textures: Woody. Velvety. Leathery. Smooth and shiny. Rough.
Movements: Striving upwards unfolding to all directions. Grouping, collectively gathering. Playful. Tortured.
Structure: Plain bowl made of floral elements in spiral form. Filled with various forms and lines.

Design categories:
Symmetrical with asymmetrical placements. Decorative. Overlapping. Directed to all sides. Groupings.

Design principles:
Dominance of colour and texture. Contrasts of textures and movements. Complementary contrasts. Monochromatic harmony.   

Floral materials: Hippeastrum Cultivars. Pinus strobus Cones. Malus zumi. Malus x domestica. Punica granatum. Palm Male. Lichen branches. Siliques.

Nonfloral materials: Non-lacquered 7 gauge supporting wire.

Work processes: Making the shape. Placing to still lifes.

Techniques: Attaching.

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