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Christmas decoration
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Black rod see-saw

Extraordinary Christmas decoration

Cool black architecture confronts the glowing colours of tropical flowers. An exciting modern Christmas look. The ”black” stillness of the parallel sticks, berries and candle gives a special dynamism to the red and green floral materials that explode from the base. The long, gently bent rods reflect the light and form part of the liveliness.

Floral materials:
Aechmea fulgens. Anthurium andreanum. Black Ficus berries. Pine tips. Ricinus communis. Black dyed reed rods. Salix purpurea gracilis.

Other materials:
Long piece of metal. Hard foam. Pinholder. Stickum. Wet foam. Plastic sheet. Long black wire rods. Angel hair. Glass bead stars. 18 gauge wire. Wrapping wire. Hot-melt adhesive. Black spray.

Bend the metal plate, lacquer black. Use hot-melt adhesive to attach 5 cm deep piece of foam. Leave a narrow asymmetrical strip. Glue plastic sheet or little plastic bowl into it and insert wet foam using pinholder. Glue black reed rods all round in parallel. Use more reed rods to densely fill the rest of the foam filled area. Use spray to blacken the cut ends of the reed rods. Make the candelabra and stick in the foam with a multi-pronged fork and use hot-melt adhesive to glue into position. Insert the floral materials into the wet foam. Insert a longer reed rod in the hard foam and attach the long bent wire rods to them, having first partially wrapped them in angel hair.

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