High season on the terrace

© tokumuwi / pixelio

It's summer. And so your pot plants develop gloriously:

Choose a large enough pot. Adequate drainage is important so that the irrigation water can drain well and no waterlogging is created. Therefore fill tall vessels with a drainage layer of expanded clay or styrofoam first. This also saves soil and makes the pot lighter.

Roses are a deep-rooted species. When planting them in a pot you should definitely choose tall vessels. 

Proper watering: make sure to water sufficiently but don't permanently wet the plants. Many summer flowers will react to permanent wettness with rotting roots.

Nourish and protect at the same time: use fertilizer that feed the potted plants a few weeks with the necessary nutrients and also protect them against sucking insects.

Good care also means to cut out withered leaves and flowers before they fix seeds, so that the plant puts its energy into new full flowering.