The Orchid - a style icon


You can give your interior an instant, substantial style boost, with the classy orchid. Place an elegant stem in a large vase and you have an eye catcher in your home that will last for weeks. Little effort, spectacular effect.

Orchid colours and shapes

The orchid will always suit your style, whatever it is. There are more than 25,000 varieties, but at the florist you will mostly see the beauties from the tropics. The flower is available in beautiful colours, from powdery pastels to candy pink or zen white. There is even one in a tiger print. Go for the butterfly-like Moth Orchid, the vampy Vanda, the slender Cymbidium or ‘lady slipper’ Paphiopedilum (read: paf-io-ped-ilum). They are all as beautiful as they sound. The style icon orchid will give your home a substantial style boost.

Caring for the orchid

With the orchid you have a style icon in your home, but thankfully not a diva. The flower doesn’t need much extra attention to steal the show for weeks:

  • Cut 1cm from the bottom of the stem and place it in clean, lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this every five days.
  • Don’t use flower food.
  • Don’t touch the fragile inside of the flower to avoid it wilting too early.
  • Keep the flower away from direct sunlight, central heating and the fruit bowl.

Symbolism of the orchid

The orchid is a symbol of pure friendship. If it is as a gift, do what the Brazilians do and give a kiss for each flower. As well as kisses and flowers, with the orchid you also give style, as the orchid was the favourite flower of the first lady Jackie Kennedy. So where you find an orchid, a style icon won’t be far away. Source: BBH