Dream combo for dry locations

Lavender, Allium
© Kurz/Downderry

Combine Allium with Lavendel for an unexpected and striking contrast. Allium, with its large ball-flowers and sturdy stems, is one of the most imposing onion blooms. Its spherical umbels can be very large, like on Allium 'Globemaster.' 

Every one of these orbs actually consists of countless filigreed, star-shaped flowers. The color palette of ornamental alliums extends from pure white to tender pink, deep blue, and violet and roughly corresponds to the coloring of Downderry Lavendel. With their different growth habits and flower shapes, these plants can be used together for wonderful garden compositions.

Set allium in a group of lavender in the fall and, come early summer, you’ll have flower orbs swaying over the multiple tiny flower spikes of the semi-shrub.

Another advantage of this combination: the leaves of allium wither rapidly, often before their flowers have opened. Never cut back the yellowing foliage, since the bulb takes up necessary nutrients from it. The bushy growth of lavender is great for hiding the wilting leaves.

The main bloom time for allium is between May and June. Some varieties bloom from April to September. Both lavender and allium prefer loose soil that drains well and also do best in full sunshine.

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