Fiery Finale

Acer palmatum

Trees and shrubs delight us with a beautiful fall color at the end of the season. When the days get shorter and the abundance of flowers of summer gradually fades, it is time for the trees and shrubs: in spring they delighted us with their fresh green, later were an attractive backdrop for perennials and summer flowers and donated shade on hot days, but now put their leaves in focus in a spectacular fashion.

Glowing red, warm orange and bright yellow blended with fresh green accents to create a stunning play of colors, which with its intensity eliciting appreciative comments even from seasoned summer-fans and conjures a dreamy smile on the lips of autumn lovers.

Spectacular sight

The selection of trees that shine with their fall colors is huge. Fortunately, because thanks to the diversity of species even owners of small plots and balcony gardeners do not have to give up on the festival of colors that ranges many weeks. It is best to seek competent advice from the experts of garden nurseries or retail garden centers. They are experts in plant and care and are happy to help with questions about small gardens and can specifically recommend slow-growing varieties. The Juneberry (Amelanchier lamarckii), for example, with its bright orange-red to purple- red foliage is a wonderful eye-catcher in pots on a balcony or on the terrace. The witch hazel (Hamamelis) appears to combine the entire color palette of fall in each leaf. Both also score in spring with delicate flowers jewelry. The fruits of the Amelanchier are equally popular with birds and garders.

Even the still little-known Japanese cake tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) provides enlightenment with its varied coloring - and not only that, because as if the attractive appearance is not enough, its leaves also emitt a tempting gingerbread scent. Among the classics of color artists is the wild creeper (Parthenocissus cinquefolia and P. tricuspidata) and the large group of maples (Acer): you can choose from a wide variety of species and varieties in stores that will convert the garden into a myriad of colors. 

Craft fun with autumn leaves from your own garden

Not only adults enjoy the view of autumn colored trees in the garden or on the balcony: children love the colorful leaves that can be used so well for arts and crafts. In just five minutes, the finest specimens are collected together to be pressed and then processed to cards, lanterns, table mats or atmospheric window images. A stable base is required to press the leaves, as well as several layers of newspaper or blotting paper. The paper is placed between the leaves and a few books to weigh are placed on top. Tip: The colors are very well preserved when the leaves are not pressed but are laminated directly after collection. (GMH/GBV)

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