Instant hedges

Instant hedges
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A living privacy screen – quick, secure, durable. Hedges shield from prying eyes and trespassers, keep the wind at bay, and provide a backdrop for garden blossoms.

This is a property boundary that should also be an attractive and lasting investment, one that frames home and yard with style, and this from both viewpoints, from within or from without. It can be a graceful structure that is well integrated into both the interior and exterior landscapes.

If you’re not one for fences and walls, preferring instead a natural hedge, you’ll have many options. Ultimately, it’s personal taste and cost that play leading roles, as well as the amount of time you’re willing to wait before the hedge reaches the desired height and opacity. More and more homeowners opt for an immediate solution: fully grown hedges from a nursery.

There are, for example, evergreens with ivy, with fruit-bearing trees such as firethorn or also hornbeam. These hedges are grown in a container and stabilized by an all-weather, metal lattice. They’re full height at purchase, generally between 3 and 9 feet.

Stick with the professionals

Ready-made hedges are best installed by a professional landscape artist, who will anchor the struts in a footing in the ground. This is work that can be carried out any time of year, theoretically, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. During the growing season, the metal framework and supports will be concealed by foliage within just a couple weeks. That’s also when the ready-made hedge will be opaque – a key argument in their favor for those desiring some privacy in the yard a.s.a.p.

Hornbeam finished hedge

The hornbeam, especially the common hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) makes a handsome, robust, winter hardy hedge that readily withstands pruning – a plant that can be made into a downright architectural accent in the garden. In springtime, hornbeam hedges leaf out in light green, intensify to deep green in summer, and finish with some lovely fall color.
In contrast to most other deciduous trees, these hedges will keep their leaves through the cold months, only losing them in spring to fresh growth. Finished hedges of hornbeam, like evergreen ivy varieties, will provide a dependable privacy screen year-round.

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