May 10th is Mother’s Day

© Astrid Götze-Happe / pixelio

Every mother is unique. That’s why Mother’s Day gifts can’t always just be bought straight off the shelf, but must be tailor-made to the recipient’s nature and desires. With flowers, there are no boundaries; use their favorite colors and varieties and even their placement preferences within the garden or on the terrace. 

Bringing Nature Indoors

It’s fitting that Mother’s Day takes place in May, the month of blossoming, just when nature is unfurling her splendors, when roses, daisies, and lilacs play out in a colorful array. A fresh bouquet or a lovingly decorated potted plant really captures the spirit of spring and ushers new color into the home.

Give Potted Plants for Lasting Enjoyment

A great alternative to the classic bouquet is a decorative arrangement of potted plants. Just one carefully planted container done up with a matching arrangement of ribbons, branches, stones, and moss fast becomes a splendid eye-catcher. For lasting enjoyment, select the elements thoughtfully and tend to them accordingly.

Sun in a Pot

For those who want to go one further, conjure up a larger container plant such as a Mediterranean lemon tree, bougainvillea, or calla to lend the southern section of a patio with a real holiday feel. They’ll bloom lushly in the summer sun and exude fragrance, making mother’s favorite spot in the garden or on the balcony into a retreat to while away the hours.

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