New life for nutrient depleted soil

GreatGrow Soil Amendments

The soil in the rain forests of the world show us how it works: they have relatively small levels of nutrients, but an abundance of microbiology.
Fatigued, nutrient depleted and compacted soils from unusable fields can be redeveloped again with a wide range of aerobic, beneficial organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes. The revolutionary soil amendment GreatGrow brings new life to the soil.

GreatGrow delivers these microbes that help protect the plants against soil-borne diseases and establish microbial symbiotic roots attached externally and within the cell walls of roots. By building an aerobic (oxygen rich) soil structure, the biological balance will be (re-) instated. This rapidly improves soil drainage or increased soil retention of water and oxygen, depending on the prevailing conditions.
This way, new acreage can be developed to allow farmers, professional horticulture producers and hobbyists to increase quality and quantity of their economic and ornamental plants. No at least because of symbiotic root systems that are formed by GreatGrow's biology nutrients are converted into plant available form. Growth and yield will be increased and the resilience of the plant is strengthened... all this naturally, without any chemicals.

GreatGrow SoilAmendments are being distributed by Greenduck - in Europe and beyond.

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