RED FOX Las Mercedes receives MPS-GAP certificate

MPS Certification
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GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices. Originally developed for fruit and vegetable production, MPS-GAP has been adapted for the flower industry. MPS-GAP looks at the whole production process: land use (for example avoiding erosion); parental material; training of workers (all levels) and advisors; storage and use of chemicals and fertilizers; safety, health and hygiene; policies on use of energy, chemicals and substrate; call-back procedures and waste management.
To obtain a MPS-GAP certificate the participant has to have a MPS-ABC certification. MPS-ABC focuses on the environmental impact: use of crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy, water and implementation of recycling programs for paper, plastic and other waste streams.
RED FOX Las Mercedes has started working on MPS-GAP in march 2013 and is now successfully certified with the MPS-GAP certificate.

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