Ten plants that survive without a green thumb

Ceropegia woodii
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Lots of indoor plants thrive excellently without requiring much care. Many of these plants are available in the holiday season so let your houseplants go on holiday in the shade while you enjoy the summer sunlight.

In the holiday season, most people are probably more concerned with enjoying sunny days on their patios or at their summer cottages than remembering to water their indoor plants. Even though we spend lots of hours outdoors, it still feels good if we keep our homes beautiful and inviting using nice plants. These two things are not mutually exclusive.

Plants such as Sansevierias can live for up to a month without water while orchids actually only require water once a week. And numerous plants love drying out slightly between waterings while still producing beautiful flowers and patterned leaves, thus bringing new life to your home.

So there is no reason to fear that your plants will capitulate to the summer heat as long as you consider indoor light and heat conditions and stop by once in a while with your watering can. Many plants actually prefer to be left in peace for a while to concentrate on producing flowers and leaves in many different colours.

Fleshy leaves store water

One of the types of plants that easily cope with being forgotten for a while is succulents which are certain to become a success in most homes. They store water in their fleshy leaves and therefore do not mind drying out between waterings. Actually, they do not like too much water at their roots. Succulents are excellent everywhere in your home, and as decorations in small tableaux they are, for example, transformed into exciting, green sculptures.

Green plants thrive in hallways and bathrooms, thus contributing to creating a good indoor climate thanks to their air-cleaning effect. It is a good idea to place flowering plants that require more care in living rooms. And during the holiday season, a good soul will probably stop by, see them and water them.

Plants as renewers

There are many exciting plants with plenty to offer and they can, for example, accentuate the interior design and atmosphere of a room, no matter whether you wish it to appear in a romantic or a pure style. There are plants to match the patterned base, the stylish cache-pot with a touch of gold or silver or the neutral cache-pot that goes well with marbled leaves.
With a little courage and flair for colour combinations, a few changes can refresh the appearance of your home for you to enjoy over and over again when your holidays are over and you move indoors to your plants.

Really easy plants to care for:

  • Adenium obesum, Desert rose. Thrives best in direct sunlight, preferably in south and west windows. Season from May to September.
  • Aeschynanthus marmoratus. Must dry out thoroughly between waterings. Season all year.
  • Bowiea volubilis, Climbing onion. Place it in a bright position, preferably in direct sunlight. Tolerates drying out. Season all year.
  • Ceropegia woodii, Strings of heart. Place it in a bright position, preferably in direct sunlight. Season all year.
  • Dischidia ruscifolia, Million hearts. Thrives best in semi-shade, tolerates drying out slightly. Season all year.
  • Hatiora bambusoides. Place it in a bright position, preferably in direct sunlight. Season all year.
  • Gerrardanthus macrorhizus, Bigfoot. When drying out, the tuber which can grow up to 50 cm in diameter, stops growing.
  • Hoya bella. Place it in a bright position out of direct sunlight. Prefers to dry out slightly between waterings. Season all year.
  • Kalanchoe, Flaming Katy. Tolerates a bright position and direct sunlight indoors as well as outdoors under frost-free conditions. Season all year.
  • Phalaenopsis, orchid. Tolerates a bright position out of direct sunlight. Season all year.
  • Sansevieria cylindrical. A sculptural plant that tolerates a bright position as well as shade. Season all year. Source: Floradania
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